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Little poll was conducted recently on facebook comunity to mention some of the creepiest places they've ever visited.

 Here's the top 5 of their most imaginative goosebumps style stories

5) Former Penal Colony on Coiba Island- Panama


"I went to Panama's former penal colony, Coiba Island, for work and got to go on a tour to the prison there. It's now been taken back by the jungle, but there's one block, the maximum security block, that's still in its original state. I walked in and it was dark, humid, and just musty.

Then we walk in one of the cells and there's just this horrifying graffiti all over. Pictures of devils and monsters and random stains on the walls that I imagined were just everything imaginable."

Submitted by Shannon Montague, Facebook

4) Rajneeshee Cult's Former Ranch — Wasco County, Oregon


"I went to a summer camp in Oregon that was the home of the Rajneeshee cult 20 years beforehand — a cult that engaged in attempted terror attacks, but also lots of LSD and orgies. The camp just acquired it, and there was a section of buildings cordoned off with a 'Do Not Enter' sign. Of course, I went to explore it the first chance I got.

It had tons of giant psychedelic paintings of their cult leader, the Bhagwan. There were mirrors everywhere. I assume they were for the orgies, since most were on the ceiling.Some were like circus funhouse mirrors, with a heavily distorted reflection. Normally, the psychedelia would have been cool, but since it was badly decayed, it was incredibly creepy."

Submitted by Krystal Watanabe, Facebook

3) Land between the lakes  — Kentucky and Tennessee


"Most of the area is a beautiful recreational area, but there are a lot of cemeteries. The one I walked through was filled with nothing but unmarked graves of Confederate soldiers. (If I remember correctly, it was a Confederate cemetery, but I may be misremembering to make it a better story.)

Either way, the cemetery is under the cedar trees, so you walk from bright sunshine to total gloom under the trees, all the while not knowing if you're walking on the grave of a dead soldier. I'm not superstitious and I don't believe in ghosts, but for the first and only time in my life I felt...creeped out? Weird? I'm not even sure how to describe it, but it wasn't right."

Submitted by Mark Hatch, Facebook

2) Derinkuyu — Turkey


"Back when I could still talk myself out of claustrophobia-induced panic attacks, I went down into Derinkuyu, an underground city in Turkey that at one time housed 20,000 people and their livestock. People lived there to hide from the war above ground, and either they were really short or they didn't mind not being able to stand up straight or walk side by side. Glad I visited it, but wouldn't want to live there."

1) The Capuchin Crypt

and St. Peter's Cathedral — Rome


"Six chapels under the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini decorated entirely with human remains. So cool, but completely creepy.

Also, St. Peter's Cathedral has the perfectly preserved bodies of dead popes on display. No one ever talks about that."

Submitted by Nicole Russell, Facebook

"Nothing beats tourism"

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