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The concept behind the 5 Live Languages is that live is not perceived in the same way by every one - love means different things according to the individual.

Each person has one primary live language and one secondary love language.

The Love languages are: verbal,gifts,acts of service,physical, and quality time.

When we don't share the same love language it results in a disconnect in which our husband / wife or child feels emotional unsatisfied.

To discover someone's love language  ,observe the way they express live to others ,analyze what they complain about most often and what they request from you most often.

People natural give love in the way that they wish to receive love and better communication can result if we show love to the other person in the live language that they understand.

Example: Your child's main love language might be physical in which they understand love to be cuddling with you, hugs,and any form of loving physical contact.

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