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There is a myriad of reasons leading to an accident but human errors are surprisingly the main factor adding up to the figures.

It is evident that distraction plays the major role in causing accidents. In this article, we discuss why people lose their attention and what it may cost.

1. Being curious about the world outside

Curiosity is the nature of human. It can be good for some reasons but on the road, it can lead to disasters. Sometimes just a wink at a hot chick across the road could earn you a car crash. Reading advertisements or posters, sadly, are other elements that contribute to a long list of daily accidents.

Sometimes just a wink at a hot chick across the road could earn you a car crash

2. Making phone calls

Car producers so often corrupt our mind with the idea that the calling technologies set in their car are safe and are the pioneer of human modern development. However, research has shown that human brain is not supposed to multitask. Calling and driving at the same time will definitely slow down human interactions, which ceases drivers from making the quickest and most prudent response behind the wheel.

3. Driving while feeling drowsy

Just imagine you are seated in your working chair with a pile of documents needed to complete. The night is falling and your workload is waving for you to be handled. Your eyes start to feel tired but you can’t help but keeping dealing with your burden. And the result is you fall asleep trying to keep your eyes open, hitting the desk, ouch! Now put yourself in the front seat of your car. You won’t want to hit your head at the wheel, will you? Because it will not simply make a sound on the desk but may steal a life.

Feeling sleepy is a sign for you not to drive

4. Using social media on the way

The world twirls so fast that it fools us that we should keep updating. Anytime and anywhere, with a mobile device and internet access, people bring themselves to another world. Unluckily, this world is too appealing, and people seem not to be able to get out of it. When people get accustomed to the unreal world, they, for sure, cannot focus on the real one. To put into the driving context, if your eyes are stuck to the screen, you literally see none of those eventualities awaiting you.

Using social media on the way distracts your driving

5. Wandering in thoughts

Mixing daydreaming and driving is another serious disease among car owners. As mentioned above, our brain is not born for multitasking. Correspondingly, driving means driving and just put your thinking away or at least think about how to drive safely.

Wandering in your thoughts is one of the distracting sources

6. Taking care of the children

Kid fights are always a nuisance for families. The problem is that they just don’t leave their fights at home but may bring it into the car as well. Some parents may lose their temper and keep their eyes on their kids but that is not a good idea because the road is the thing they should care more about.

Children in car are sometimes a nuisance

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