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  1. *How much does a poultry farmer makes?

    There is no definite income figure for a poultry farmer because it depends on a lot of factors such as Management, Market Price, Season and Size of the farm. If all these factors are put into consideration, a poultry farmer is well to do. However if a farmer invests 250,000 naira on 300 birds of poultry, he can expectto make 70,000 - 100,000 thus a 20 – 40% return in 8 weeks, however the risk is higher.

  2. *How much does it cost to start a poultry farm?*You can start a poultry farm with as low as #5000 depending on the size of your farm. Backyard poultry requires little amount and you can raise up to 10 birds. Commercializing a poultry farm requires huge capital. It all depends on the size you want to do.

  3.  *How successful is poultry farming?*Poultry farming success depends on management and passion, if these two areyour driving force you're bound to be successful. Poultry farming is one of the most lucrative business you can venture into irrespective of the type. Either egg or meat, just manage them well and stabilize as you gain experience.

  4.  *How can I start a poultry farm?*Poultry farming is a business on it's own and it requires knowledge to run a farm. Contrary to popular belief that you can start from your backyard and become more successful on a large scale, poultry farming is beyond backyard farming and it is full of challenges that will require in-depth knowledge of the birds to overcome. FarmAgric can help you start poultry farming without you getting your hands dirty. Simply subscribe to Farmagric.com and start earning from our poultry units.

  5.  *How much money do egg farmers make?*It all depends on the size of your farm and the number of birds. Lets assume you have 1000 birds and 900 lay 1 egg per day, that's 900 eggs which is equivalent to 30 crates. If each crate sells for #800, that's about #24,000 per day. A laying bird will continue to lay for over a year, that's a whole lot of money. It depends on the size of your farm and management.

  6.  *How much money can you make farming?*Farming is not all about money, passion will deliver you the money you need. Once farming is done with passion, you will overcome the challenges that comes your way and make a lot of money. If you are going to farm because of money, you might not make anything and still lose because it is filled with a lot of challenges.

  7. *How do you start a chicken egg farm?*Chicken egg farm is referred to as layers, they are raised to lay eggs. Depending on the size of the farm you can start small though by getting the birds from day old and raise them till about 18 weeks of age when they start laying or you can buy 18 weeks birds (point of lay) and raise them till they stop laying. it is alwaysgood to start from day old to ensure all vaccinations are given.

  8. *What education do you need to be a poultry farmer?*Poultry, like any other business requires in-depth knowledge and for you to havea good and successful poultry farm you need to learn from a practical farmer. You can be an intern at a poultry farm where you gain practical knowledge of how things are done. It is required to spend at least three months with a practical farmer.

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