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        once death was a creation of God as angels are, he was a good hearted creature unable to harm anything, assigned to running errands and going on missions. He was very good at carrying out specific task until one changed his hearth.

         Long after the creation of man, man turned from God and followed the pleasures of his planet. this was as a result of numerous gift God had bestowed upon his creature, gift and blessings that were good enough to make man a god, hence he became his own god and turned away from his God. So God thought ''i will cause him a little pain for if these gift made not man to beckon on me, weariness shall make him rest on the breast of his creature''

           So, death was sent to summon in some humans from earth and their loved ones to the upper realm, death of which purpose he was created embarked on  his mission.

          The first of death target was a mason, after listening to death's mission  asked if after his meeting with God he would be allowed to return back to earth death then explained that his meeting with God is forever for he will never return to earth, after hearing this the mason begged death that he had of recent collected some money from some people to erect  buildings and that he has three little kids to care for that death should give him the space of two years to round up and say goodbye to everyone. Being a compassionate creature death consented to the mason's request and moved on to the next person which was a farmer.

           The farmer also had excuses, he said he had just cultivated his farm and that he would love to wait to reap it fruit and that he also has loved ones to whom he has to say goodbye to that death should give him the space of two years to prepare for the forever meeting and that was the case for all of death target they had an excuse to give ,death being a hearty person granted all their request and stayed much longer on earth than he was asked to. 

            when the two year term was complete death returned to his target to take them to God but the humans still had excuses to give and death, after two long years was made to return to God empty without completing his mission

             God was so furious and angry with death for wasting too much of time and still did not accomplish his mission, God was so furious that he struck death with blindness as a punishment for his incapability and made him return to the earth.

              And so  death was made to wonder upon the earth blinded taking whosoever his hands touches to the forever meeting.


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