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Cost Analysis for 100 layers

The poultry sector is one of the most organized and vibrant segments of the agriculture industry in Nigeria . This sector generates direct and indirect employment and income for about 1.5 million people. The daily increase in population as make the demand so high. Ironically so many people have been misguided into thinking poultry farming is a get rich quick venture with promises of making millions over a short period of time. IT IS NOT TRUE.

Below is a practical street analysis of raising 100 layer birds.

Analysis for 100 layers

Price of chick -#140


The pullet doesn't eat like broiler so they require 1.5kg for 4weeks

1.5kg* 100=150kg

I. E 150kg/25kg= 6bags

From 4 week-8week they require 1.5kg-1.7kg

But let's use 1.5kg also

1.5kg*100=150kg/25kg=6 bags

Total of chick mash require =6+6 bags=12bags of chick mash

Each feed mash cost =#3500

12bags * 3500=#42,000

From 9-16 weeks

They require 4kg of feed,i.e 2kg per 4 weeks it is not certain but also depends on the breed and the temperature

4kg*100 birds weeks=400kg/25kg=16bags

A bag of grower is 2850 depends on the company feed


At 16weeks many people will start usin layer mash but is advisable to continue the grower feed till 20weeks of age.

16-20week they will consume 2kg also =2*100=200kg/25kg=8bags


Summary :

Total bag between 9-20 weeks =24 bags of grower* 2900=#69,600

Total cost so far

Chick= #14000

Chick mash = #42000

Chick Grower = #69,600

Total = 125,600

For the drugs, the standard calculation = 125,600*5/100=#1850*4=#7,440

The price of medication 1850 for each month, we analysis for medication is 4 month.

For vaccination the standard price for each bird is #6 per week,(Gumboro and Lasota only) for 100= #600 per week. For four weeks=600*4= 2400.

Some necessary vaccination for layers

koromorov at 6weeks=#750 for 100 birds

Fowl pox at 8 weeks #700 per 100 dose.

Deworming at 10 weeks #450

Debeaking at 12 weeks #20 per bird= 2,000

Komorov at 16 weeks #750 per 100 dose

Total cost for vaccination = #7,050

Total cost so far =125,600+7,440+7,050=# 140,090

At 21 weeks they sud start Laying.

Will expect 70percent of the birds to be laying.

I. E 70 eggs per day.

We have 70eggs/ 30= 2.10 creates * 850= 1,785 in a day

Feeding per day of layers

100 layers require 12.5kg of feed per day.

Note 25kg of layer =3150, half will be #1575 per day

Profit per day will be =#1,785-#1575=#210.

In a month will have #210*30=#6,300 per month

For A year 12 month, the production usually rise and fall. Let's forfeit a month to Maintain the production standard.

6300*11= #69,300

Spend Layers will be sold

Let say we have 6% mortality and we have 94 birds on ground.

94*1200=112,800 for spent layers.

The total profit = 112,800 - 140,090 = #42,010

This analysis make not be achieved if BIOSECURITY measures is not strictly follow.

Note: for every 6 weeks you do Lasota, which prevents Newcastle, and serve as egg booster.

Medication should also be given at this age I. E., Vitamins, anticoci, and anti biotics should be done at 6 weeks interval

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