By zicolsystem442 • 10th Feb 2019 • 11 views • 0 comments

I used to be a warrior king. I mean girls used to beg me to cum quickly because time had gone. What's suddenly changed?

I used to masturbate.. so, it was part of my new year resolution last year and I have kept to the vow by God's grace.
In other to avoid temptations of wanking, I patronise hoelosho until recently, I met a thick chic. She came to my place today and we had started romancing.. i was just teasing her by rubbing the tip of my rod on her wall of Jericho so it can fall down flat before I penetrate.. 2 seconds later, I was already spilling milk everywhere.

I buried my head in shame but as a sharp guy, I lied it was her cum when her hand eventually touched the wet part of the bed where I dropped my shlt like Wizkid album.

I had to lie about looking for condom and spent the next 30 mins fantasizing about her body until my dik gave me one more chance and rose up again.

When it eventually did and after 2 mins of ressurecting this chic's dead mood, I pulled in and boom.. another cum after 30 secs..

I was counting..

She's been calling me and I can't pick up because of shame..

What do I do my people? Wahala dey oo

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