By afolamipeterifeoluwa • 9th Feb 2019 • 219 views • 39 comments

This as been a popular and a confusing matter between instrumentalists with different beliefs on 'Should an instrumentalist be paid after service or not??'

   I will give two answers based on my experience; this answers goes to two different kinds of people 

* The ones that make their living from playing in different occasions 

* And to the ones that are just playing for fun or rather using their instruments to worship God 

It is certainly that some people take up playing as an occupation, these are the kinds of people the Bible allows to charge for their playing, I mean bible says 'he that work on the altar shall eat of the altar'

While to the ones that are playing just for worshiping God or for fun. I will advise that you should not charge for your playing, just because your friend somewhere is been paid NO! it shouldn't be, but of course after  your play,  they decided to appreciate you for your work, it's not bad if you accept it. .

Like I said earlier, that is just my own view about that ..

Suggestions are allowed and am open for any corrections.. 

May we not eat our future blessings in the present .God bless Us.. >Amen<

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