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Many a time Nigerian road users fall victim of extortion of the law enforcement. Imagine a LASTMA official checking your car documents, this is not absurd but a slap on his employers. LASTMA officials are not meant to check neither are they to ask for car particulars. Ignorance is not an excuse in the court of law so its expedient one knows the duties of each law enforcement and try to decipher their modus operandi and what their line of duties.

There are 4 authorized law agencies which are mandated by law to regulate traffic, cars, and roads in Nigeria. While some are restricted to state roads, the rest are everywhere. For those in Lagos, the fear of LASTMA, VIO, FRSC and Police call for wisdom but most times due to the way we fear these folks, they act mostly on illegalities.

 For example, a video was trending on Twitter over the weekend between a LASTMA official and a Taxify driver, according to reports, the LASTMA officer asks for the driver's documents and other items. What mostdrivers don't know that this is not their duty, this is the duty reserved for FRSC and Police alone and not the LASTMA or VIO.AutoReportNG decided its times to get our readers to enlighten on the duties of LASTMA, VIO, FRSC and Police on Nigerian highways.

LASTMA Lagos State Traffic Management Authority is a Lagos State-owned agency under the ministry of transport. The agency was established in the year 2000 to transform the state transport system to ensure free flow of traffic in the state and also reduce road accidents.

 People usually pronounce "LASTMA" as"LASMA" instead of Last-maResponsibilities and Duties of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA)ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES

-Control, Management and Regulation of traffic-related matters within Lagos Metropolis

- Public Education and Enlightenment of drivers and motorists on the proper useof the highways

- Traffic Safety and Accident Management- Conduct research on drivers’ behaviors and traffic safety

- Install and maintain traffic control devices on the highways- Relate with other traffic management agencies

- To develop a Culture of Regulation, control, and management of traffic operations statewide;

- To ensure hitch-free traffic flow on Lagos road;

- To develop the most efficient and effective means of bringing about safety improvement

- Co-operate with bodies agencies or groups engaged in road safety activities or in the prevention of accidents on the highways;

- Determine works and devices designed to improve traffic flow and advise the appropriate road works offices on the locations where such works and devices are required;

- Identify, develop, promote and maintain new or alternative methods of traffic management and road safety

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