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Just recently, we were happy to hear the news about the marriage of two of our favourite singers namely Simi and Adekunle Gold. And at the end of January, the young singer Simi went ahead to please us with one of her latest songs, which has already won the hearts of her fans. Let us analyse Ayo by Simi. The song was produced by Legendury Beatz.

Let us quickly delve into what Ayo is all about.

Ayo by Simi video

There is already an official video for Ayo, so this means that you can enjoy the music video of this amazing song and many more such as Promise (Official Video) by Adekunle Gold and Smile For Me by Simi. There is also a lyric video, which presents the song playing in the background of a beautiful yellow picture with the title of the song written boldly on it.

Ayo (Prod. by Legendury Beatz) description

Released: 24 January 2019Format: mp3, videoGenre: Afro Beat, African HighlifeLength: 3:44 minLabel: X3M Music, distributed by Jungle Entertainment VenturesProducer(s): Legendury Beatz

The beautiful singer always puts her whole soul into every sound and word. Her latest song is not an exception. Was it possible to put even more soul, feelings, emotions, experiences and, most importantly, hope in this song? It seems that the answer is affirmative. The song so subtly conveyed everything that the recently married Simi feels. She has high expectations for her marriage, and she is confident that they will come true.

The singer, on her Instagram account, says the following about one of her latest tracks:

Every line is a prophecy. For you. For me. This song is a gift. I pray that the words become your truth.

Simi's beautiful song is written in Yoruba, so we can enjoy not only the smooth romantic melody of the song but also the beautiful lyrics that the young singer not only sings, but also lives through every word.

Ayo by Simi lyrics

My blessing come now

Favor fall down on me

Goodness and mercy follow me everyday

Everything when I touch

For this life, everything when I want

Shey na mansion oh, shey na Porsche o o o?

Na me get am oh, amin

If dem dey doubt no mind dem

If bad belle come make you bind them

My time don come o

Ayo wa gba lemi oh

Ire ohh…Ire

(Goodness ohh)

Ayo mi de oh

(My joy ohh)

Everyday oh

Showers of blessing rain on me

Shey na money wey you want oh

Abi o feran motor

(Abi you want motor (car))

Time e don come oh

Ayo wa gba lemi o

Happiness knocking, wole wa

Prosperity something, wan kpe wa

And blessing calling, o o o

Ayo wa gba lemi o

Asuriwa wa gbo

Where ever we go

Victory wey no dey finish

Ani temini oh

(It is for us oh)

Loke loke, you no go run down

(Higher higher, you will not run down)

No more tension, no wahala

Tori olawole

Owo ti de oh

(Money is here oh)

Pounds ati Dollars

Ayo atalafia

Olowo lowo bi Adenuga, if you believe oh

Shami o

Aniko shami o

Ire oh

Ayomide oh

Everyday oh

Showers of blessing rain on me

Shey na money wey you want oh

Abi o feran motor

(Abi you want motor (car))

Time e don come oh

Ayo wa gba lemi

Happiness knocking, wole wa


Prosperity something, wan kpe wa

And blessing calling

Ayo wa gba lemi o

Atewo ko mi aro

Ol0rire oya ko ma ro

(God is here, oya dance)

Oya dance the dance of Olowo (Ok dance the dance of a rich person)

As you go, money go follow

Before you ask, God go answer

Ayo ayo ayo

Ayoti mi dele oh

Ola bamidele

Shey na money wey you want oh

Bi o feran motor

(Abi you want motor (car))

Time e don come oh, joy don come

Ayo wa gba lemi o

Happiness knocking, wole wa

Prosperity something

And blessing calling

Ayo wa gba lemi o

Ore ore ore ore wa gba leyin me oh

Make this love dey sweet me for body

Ireti wo lemi oh (ireti wo lemi oh)

Ayo ayo ayo (ayo wa gba lemi oh)

The title of the song is translated as "Joy," and it is not surprising, because it seems like the whole composition is saturated with notes of real and sincere happiness. Listening to this song, the listener becomes the main spectator of this incredibly beautiful love story, which every girl probably dreams of.

It is the first solo single that Simi released after her marriage to her husband, Adekunle Gold. This single was produced by Nigerian veteran music producer, Legendury Beatz.

Image: instagram.com, @simplysimi (modified by author)

Ayo (Prod. by Legendury Beatz) reviews and comments

This song has already become a hit within such a short time. Fans and casual listeners call this song a real masterpiece in the world of music and the best creation of the musician so far. Below are some of the comments and reactions of people to the song. You can also leave your opinion of the new hit of the beautiful and very talented Simi in the comments section.

Best Simi song @obinna ozougwu

Thanks for this one Simi. Òmõ mi ohun òkòmi dele: if I no get joy waitin I gain  @Gina Ayomide

i love this simi. can i just sing with you one day oooooo  @eniola Odeyinka

I love the song ....waoooo @Heavenlight Nkiro

song of the year @Tossyn Tinuke

Well done Simi ❤️ @Ben Badis

Every day from morning to waking I listen to it at work in short most of the day and I meditate the good words.., ..love you simi @Olga Annick Ekue

This is a song of faith @Bukunmi Oyelami

This is purely spiritual! I love you, Simi! @chioma achugonye

Simi's hobby is writing and singing beautiful songs @uyinmwen uwaifo

Ayo by Simi download

You can download this song on the following mp3 download resources. Check them below:

Ayo (Prod. by Legendury Beatz) download on Apple MusicAyo (Prod. by Legendury Beatz) download on Spotify

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