By Noah31 • 27th Feb 2019 • 55 views • 4 comments

Baltic Artists’ Award 2019, Baltic Gateshead, review: beauty and hatred hidden in plain sight



Group exhibitions can be awkward. Those that fulfil a communal objective are rare; most rely on a nebulous purpose. The three winners of this year’s Baltic Artists’ Award are lucky: the Gateshead gallery’s biennial prize, worth £5,000 for each artist in cash and £25,000 towards new work, has no mission statement or general “theme”. Until the day before their exhibition opened, Kang Jungsuck, Ingrid Pollard and Aaron Hughes didn’t even see each other’s work.

As you enter, to your left is Pollard; to the right is Hughes; through and behind them is Kang. The first two presentations serve as book-ends, then, whichever way you do the lap. It’s an undramatic layout, but it works. Pollard’s and Hughes’s...



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