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Samuel Ortom, governor of Benue state, has been warned against shifting attention from his failed government by casting aspersions on the person President Muhammdu Buhari.

Benue Peace and Development Crusade, a civil society group, which gave this warning on Saturday, said Ortom was still using mushroom agents to fool Benue in the aftermath of the anti-open grazing law.

At a press conference on Saturday, Dan Ochobo, president of the group, asked Ortom to stop making disparaging remarks about Buhari. His speech below: The attention of BPDC was attracted to some infantile, baseless, provocatively twisted and self-condemning comments on social and traditional media platforms attributed to a character by the identity, Mr. Timothy Hembaor. He parades the tag of President General, Tiv Youth Organization (TYO) and had the effrontery to ridicule President Muhammedu Buhari’s recent comments over the “Anti-open grazing Law.” The TYO President General was quoted as faulting President Buhari’s assertion while interacting with the Nigerian community in Dubai that Benue state Governor, Hon. Samuel Ortom left the APC for the PDP “…owing to unresolved issues concerning open-grazing of cattle in Benue State.” From the outset, this insinuation by TYO is wrong and is in no way linked to what President Buhari uttered in Dubai. Rather, the President said Gov. Ortom dumped the APC for PDP because he accused him (Buhari) of doing nothing about the herders/farmers crisis in Benue and he disputed the Governor by confronting him with an unassailable truth. President Buhari was meticulous that Gov. Ortom could not stand it and left the APC. The President’s words “…. but I was accused of not doing anything about those operating locally, but I took the Governor on this and this is one of the reasons he left our party for another party.” TYO proceeded to mouth very dishonestly that the President’s comments amounted to “…. a confirmation of Buhari’s anti-Benue posturing and… Ortom’s lack of confidence in federal authorities to protect his people has been confirmed.” Hembaor and his co-travellers of political gatekeepers at Government House Makurdi, masquerading as leaders of Tiv youths must be more circumspect in public comments. We know Tiv youths as people of diverse beliefs and persuasions. Their genuine or committed leaders cannot lie against the President on his expositions in Dubai that those perpetrating the killings in Benue were not Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, as claimed by TYO. But the unalterable truth is that these band of favour seekers and unfocused leaders, perhaps for a morsel of food, twisted President Buhari’s actual comments which were accurately replayed by a dozen media publications all over the world. Nothing in the President’s speech made a direct or tacit allusion to the exoneration of “Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria,” as TYO recaptures it; or any other group from the killings in Benue or elsewhere in Nigeria. There is no definiteness in his conclusions and for TYO to ascribe it to him is unconscionable..” There is nowhere in the President’s comments where what TYO credited to him can be traced. It is poor mischief and an attempt to cast aspersions on the person and office of Mr. President to taint his hard earned reputation and integrity in the eyes of Nigerians.

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