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Ethiopian Airline Crash: Pilot Was Untrained On 737 MAX Simulator – Colleague 

The pilot who flew the Ethiopian airlines Boeing 737 MAX which crashed was reportedly untrained with the simulator, as claimed by his colleague. According to the deceased's colleague, 29-year-old Yared Getachew, who was the pilot of the Ethiopian Airline Boeing 737 MAX which crashed was untrained on 737 MAX simulator, as he was reportedly due for a  refresher training at the end of March. This training was scheduled to hold, two months after Ethiopian Airlines had received the simulator. 

The March 10 crash alongside the MAX 8 crash in Indonesia in October, reportedly set off one of the biggest inquiries in the aviation history. NAN reported that inquiries focused on whether pilots were sufficiently versed on a new automated systems, as in both cases, the pilots lost control soon after take-off and fought a losing battle to stop their jets plunging down.


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