By lanreadeyemi • 21st Feb 2019 • 53 views • 6 comments

If you’re itching to impress your social media followers or one-up your jet-setting -friend, participating in the "fake plane ride challenge" may be the perfect inspiration for your next post.

In recent weeks, a Chinese hashtag that roughly translates to “how to pretend you’re on a plane,” challenge has been trending on Weibo, a Twitter-like social platform popular in China, as per The New York Post, and the craze has allegedly racked up over 27 million views.

To execute the now-viral trend, jokesters begin the self-produced videos by playing film footage of sweeping aerial views of the earth, akin to a view one would see from a plane window, edged in full by a plastic, oval-shaped frame. Slowly panning the camera out, pranksters reveal the supposedly gorgeous vista to be nothing more than video footage played from a smart phone, and the plane window frame to be the handle of cleaning products — or even a toilet seat.

Without this context, however, the “fake plane ride challenge” footage is arguably quite convincing of legitimate travel.


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