By cheyenne20 • 31st Dec 2018 • 93 views • 8 comments

A bond unified by blood
Running through different DNA
Giving no chances for a choice
In the harmony of our hearts
We are all the same

If life was fair to us, we would all want the same thing
The kind that flows in the pool of luxury and wealth
Forgetting that love should exist
Fate saw it coming and wrote it in a script
And distributed it to whoever she pleased

When faces trade places it is known to be remarkable
It gets to a point where you are labelled as "Lookalikes" or "twins"
That's when you know that blood is thicker than water

If it were to be placed under the scale of preference
It comes first as the outmost priority
Like an umbrella it sheds many
Little wonder why it is said "Family is everything"

As a tree it stands tall
Full of strength
Full of love
Branches that spread out giving support emotionally
Young shoots that soar even higher
Buds that catch dreams in sunlight

The love of a family exist in abundance all around
Like air that ventilates a stuffed room
Invisible but yet present
When one is hurt
All is hurt
That is the beauty of a family tree


By Glory Ikeji

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