By Ovatan • 4th Feb 2019 • 39 views • 4 comments

Favour is an act of kindness beyond what is due. Our God is kind and always ready to help those who trust in him. It was said of Esther: And Esther obtained favour in the sight of all "(Esther 2:15). God waved all odds in favour of Esther, a lowly Jewish refugee, and crowned her an empress. You too can be promoted if you trust God. It is said that: An hour's favour from God is worth more a life' s time labour with men" such is God's goodwill towards to His saints, and it is indeed a privilege to partner with the God of favour.

To enjoy God's  favour you must have relationship with him. If you are not yet his, you are not yet a candidate. Come to him, and recognise him as your lord and personal saviour, and you will become a partake of God's divine favour. Psalms 103:13 

Prayers: Let your favour be my daily portion o lord

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