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Women in military are like ordinary women too, they have blood flowing throughtheir veins and have needs which they long to see satiated. They go through many ordeals like ordinary people and are susceptible to pains too; they however, handle their pain better than most people out there would. Most men believe it is going out of bounds when you approach a military woman for advanced friendship.

They blow things out of proportion by thinking these women could beat them up any time or set them up peradventure they misbehave, it should however be noted, that dating a woman in the military is the same as dating any other woman.

 What depicts how far that friendship would go is the manner of approach and the ability to present oneself with an aura of dignity and gentility.Below are some of the things you don’t know about women in the military.EmotionalWomen in the military have been trained to be brave and courageous.

 They are by profession fighters who have been toughened by various phases of trainings. However, the trainings they have gone through haven’t shielded them from the trauma accompanied by love. They have cravings too and desire fulfillment; they want to date and experience love in a beautiful way.

 The only problem is most men often feel intimidated by the personalities and avoid themThey Embrace MotherhoodWhile so many people share an unreal belief about military women being wrecks when it comes to marital bliss, some of them are married and they embrace motherhood with a shocking interest.

 They are after all normal and have all it takes to raise a family. They put everything they have into use to ensure their children live normal lives. They could be stern and instill discipline in their wards at tender ages. They are regular moms who strive hard to performtheir motherly obligations.

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