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 - The former chief of naval staff , Rear

Admiral Dele Ezeoba , has said that the $ 195 million

maritime security contract entered into by the federal

government and an Israeli firm, Messrs HLSI Security

Systems and Technologies would fail .

The $ 195million maritime security contract was signed off

by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) in December 2017 ,

and was for the provision of three helicopters , three

airplanes , three big battle- ready ships , 12 vessels and 20

amphibious cars , to aid security of Nigeria ’ s waterways .

In January 2018 , the house of representatives criticised

the management of the Nigerian Maritime Administration

and Safety Agency ( NIMASA) for awarding the contract to

HLSI , saying it was a breach of Nigeria ’ s internal security

and defiance of the local content law .

President Muhammadu Buhari, had in May 2018 ,

cancelled the contract via a memo directing the Attorney

General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami, to terminate

the contract and for the national security adviser and the

Nigerian Intelligence Agency ( NIA ) to investigate how the

contractor obtained security clearance without an end -

user certificate .

Buhari also ordered HLSI to supply equipment to the tune

of the $ 50 million upfront payment it received from

Nigeria .

The federal government however reinstated the contract

in August , according to NIMASA.

But speaking to LEADERSHIP last week , the former naval

boss said that the current command and control structure

of the security contract would make it fail.

Ezeoba , who also frowned at the government’ s stance of

contracting maritime security contract to a security firm,

said the government should instead provide adequate

funding for the Nigerian navy .

He said , “ I feel pained because having been an active

participants in all these matters , it becomes disheartening

to note that we are still in a country where people play to

the gallery . We have a constitutional mandate that

anything that has to do with maritime security is the sole

responsibility of the Nigerian navy and the country owe us

as a constituent people a responsibility to fund the

Nigerian navy adequately to discharge its responsibilities

but instead , they go through the backdoor to create some

façade and instead of funding the lead agency that should

create the initiative to do the needful , they do the more

you look , the less we see. ”

Ezeoba also stated that with Falcon Eye , there wouldn ’ t

have been any reasons to contract security of the nation ’ s

waterway to a foreign security firm.

“ Admiral Akpan told us about Falcon Eye and I was

privileged to know what it is because i was privileged to

be part of the people that lay credence to that to become a

priority when he was a consultant . So, if we see Falcon as

it is set up today, you have no reason as a Nigerian to

give another contract through the back door for maritime

security . It is unacceptable , Period !

“ In addition to that, let it be known that security as it is

today under the structure we have, nothing has changed

except there is a new law resting squarely with the

minister of defence . ”

Frowning at the command and control structure of the

security contract , Ezeoba said the structure should have

been domiciled under the minister of defence .

“ The NSA is an executive adviser to the president on

security issues and why I say this is because he doesn ’ t

control forces, so if you create a structure and you put the

structure under him, that is the beginning of failure

because I can tell you as a practitioner and insider that it

won ’ t work .

“ There will be conflict among the security agencies

because everyone wants to protect its comfort zone and

who do they take instructions from ? Will minister of

defence take instructions from NSA or the chief of army

staff (COAS ) who is responsible to the chief of defence

staff or minister of defence ?

“ You want the minister of defence to take instructions

from the NSA or the COAS who is responsible to the chief

of defence staff and minister of defence to leave his

office and begin to … . . we need to think properly and

those of you at the other side of divide should always ask

questions, ” he stated .

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