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Here are some nice foreign words and their meanings. 

  1. Ab initio: from the very beginning. Ex :I have studied economics AB initio.

  2. Ad hoc: Established for a particular purpose. Ex: An ad hoc committee was appointed to look into the matter.

  3. Ad interim: in the meantime. Ex: You should wait for me. I'll finish my lunch ad interim.

  4. Ad libitum: As much as you please.  Ex: Please eat ad libitum. 

  5. Alma mater: Mother institution. Ex: We must honour our Alma mater.

  6. Ad nauseum: To a disgusting point. Ex: They discussed the problem ad nauseum. 

  7. Alpha and omega: beginning and end. Ex: I went through the alpha and omega of English. 

  8. Anno domini(ad): in the year of Christ. Ex: I was born A.D 1996 

  9. Bonafide: Genuine. Ex: Shane is a bona-fide student of the school. 

  10. Bizzare: Strange and eccentric. Ex: He had a bizzare accident. 

More to come in other posts. Thanks for reading. 

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