By valentine202 • 26th Jan 2019 • 419 views • 67 comments

It's Sunday so we've got to talk about churchy things. And what we're disscusing today is, "legitimacy of Christians participating in festivals.

Firstly, what is a festival? In other way festival also means feast. A festival is an event or community gathering usually staged by a local community,  which centers on some theme, sometimes on some unique aspect of the community.. Now you know what a festival means. Back to the main topic. As you can see the definition above, their's nothing fetish in festival but,  it all depend on how you view it.

Festival is all about culture and heritage. But what confuse me is most people (mostly Christians) believe festivals are not Godly. You even 5see pastors condeming it. But they don't realise not all festival involve idols.....For example,  we do celebrate yam festival in our family once in a year and I want to boldly tell you we do noting fetish. It just all about celebrations...... ......... So my question goes does;5 why do we Christians always discourage the our fellow christian men or women from participating in festivals ? Or is it that God is truely against culture and heritage?

Oya let disscus!

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