By armstrong • 12th Jan 2019 • 195 views • 22 comments

Grateful Heart


Grateful heart, aware and awakened
one that was marked for misery
from the hills of hissing whores
whores of hell hallelujah.

I am the rose
blown to blossom from the balance
of thorns
for heaven and human sake
I am the rose they now praise.

I pay no homage to my afflatus
but to Him, divine, source of my success.

I bear no malevolence
for the tenebrous thoughts of my
captious friends
nor for the verisimilitude of their vagary lies
nor for their vested badinage of mockery;

Their scornful smiles spurred my success to speed.

With the sonorous songs of my mother
and the hate of the lady I once loved;
I appeased my wounded wings _______

And him, savior of all
watered my sweat, grateful fall.


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