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Sorry my write up may be lengthy but I'll try as much as possible to be concise

I don't usually see myself as a ladies man cause i'm just a simple person who likes it low key but ladies keep coming around. Of course I like women but I'm not the type who has that excessive impulse to have a woman around me for s*x and all that romantic ish. I do have s*x when I want to cause I have a girlfriend and I'm loyal to her also. I'm not loyal to her because I love her so much i think I'm loyal because I technically have this inherent self discipline so I hardly chase women. I've dated my girl friend for 2yrs and I've never cheated on her even when I've a deluge of girls flocking around me.

I'm a final year student in my mid twenties and my girl in her early twenties. I don't cohabit cause it doesn't appeal  to me so all she does is visit and spend the weekend at my house at times.

Now down to the subject matter I make friends irrespective of their s*x but the thing is most of the females I make friends with always want to take the friendship further, they visit me at late hours at times 8pm, 9pm and they stay beyond 10pm and once it's after 10 they begin to give frivolous excuses like, I don't think it'd be safe going home alone by this time of the night or they say they've locked my hostel gate so I literally have no choice than to let them pass the night.

The shocking thing is they begin to make romantic demands like 'can you pls cuddle me I'm cold'  I find it so disrespectful cause they know full well I have a girlfriend and I'm not that kind of guy they think I'm.

It happens too often and I'm no longer comfortable with it at this same time I don't want to lose friends as they're nice people. Even as much as my girl knows my level of honesty and discipline she still nervous breakdown because of the inordinate amount of calls from this so called Jezebels.

Please how do I curb this without losing friends cause like I said earlier they're nice and to some extent they've been helpful.

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