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The same as usual but, of course, I'd help her get through it if she needed me to. My ex used to even let me change her tampons for her.


Well, I'll do everything I can to make her feel good

I don't know how it feels but I've read about the periods

I'll try my best to get whatever she wants

It could be chocolate, ice cream, flowers, candy, sweets, definitely pads or tampons (whatever she uses), increased frequency of hugs and kisses, maybe more cuddles too (if she wants that)


Leave her. Periods are a sign of the devil. Preferably I would burn her, but murder is illegal in some countries.


Depends on how severe her symptoms are. If she's feeling down, she gets extra cuddles and a massage for free.


Give her perception muscle relaxants and painkillers


I'd be there for her in whatever capacity she needs.

By Noreen


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