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Safety at home is very important in our daily lives. One cannot stay perfectly fine without safety. While carrying out home chores, some safety precautions should be considered. Let's look at various domestic accident that has claimed lives over time. 


in most home where floors are tiled, it is very dangerous to carelessly leave drops of water on the floor. It may not be drops of water alone, but lubricant, banana peels and any other liquid. Smooth tiles are the most slippery kind of tile when in contact with any liquid. Falling in the slipping process has claimed many lives. 

How to avoid this accident: 

*Keep your home dry always.

*Keep a dry cotton made foot mat on the entrance of your bathroom. 

*Keep the floor clean always.


This ranges from blade accident to fire outbreak. Kitchen accident is one of the most dangerous domestic accident that has claimed millions of lives. If you are cooking and not careful with your stove, especially gas cooker. You may burn yourself and the entire house. 

How to avoid this accident:

*Check your gas stove for any fault. 

*Check your gas cylinder for leakage. 

*Light the fire before opening the gas tap. 

Stay safe! 


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