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There are many ways to grow one's business, trying different methods without understanding how each method works will make the effort of the proprietor look like a gambling. The following strategies will help you grow your business; 

1. PLAN: Everything in life requires planning. If you go about expanding your business without sitting to draw a plan on where you are going to, you might end of being frustrated. 

2. EXPAND YOUR CAPITAL: If you want your business to grow, then you should put back some of your profit into the business. For instance, if your capital is N50,000 and you realize a profit of N40,000 you can put back N20,000 and your capital becomes N70,000. You can see that you have to sacrifice any form of luxury just to grow your business. 

3. SUPPLY ACCORDING TO DEMAND: Stocking your shop with something outside the demand of the masses will end up making your business not go forward, because you can not invest the profit you don't have and you can not fill in new goods without selling out the old ones. 

4. CONSISTENCY: Jumping from one line of business to the order will not do you good, if you had started having patronisers in a particular line of business, then you change it because sales are not much, you will end up losing protective patronisers. 

 I hope this business article is of help to someone out there. 

Best regards!! 


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