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i have had so many ladies complaining about hair breakage and how to prevent hair breakage. There are some few home ingredient I will  like to share with you in order to that long,shiny and thick hair you have been longing for all this while. Here are the ingredients: 

1) 1 onion

2) half slice of lemon

3)1 tea spoon of honey.

4)1 tea spoon of olive oil.

5) a bowl,a sieve and spoon

Now,these are the procedures: 

First of all you have to wash your onion,slice it and then blend it.after blending you sieve it in a bowl in order to extract the juice, then you squeeze in your lomen juice inside the onion juice. Afterwards you add you one tea spoon of honey and your one tea spoon of olive oil.when your through, you mix everything together in order for it not to stick to one part.when your done with mixing you apply it to your hair and leave it over night before washing it off. Apply this ingredients to you hair at least once a week for two month and am teling you will come back to say "tank you" to me.

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