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How to tell if there is a gas leak

Many homes use natural gas for heat, hot water, and home appliances. Natural gas has no smell, which means a small leak would be impossible to detect. A hissing sound is not always present either. 

That’s why your utility company adds mercaptan, a harmless chemical, to the gas. Mercaptan smells like sulphur, or rotten eggs, to help you identify gas leaks. But you may not smell anything if the leak is very small.

Evacuate the area immediately if you experience the following:

smell sulphur or something like rotten eggs. 

hear a hissing or whistling sound near a gas line. 

see a damaged connection to a gas line

see a white cloud, blowing dust, or bubbles in standing water. 

see plants that are dying or dead for no apparent reason. 

If you suspect a gas leak avoid touching electrical appliances or turning on anything that may cause a spark or fire. Instead, leave the building, leave the door open, and head to a safe location. .

How to tell if your symptoms are due to a gas leak

Gas leaks change the amount of oxygen available. As you breathe in less oxygen, you may start to develop symptoms. If you or others in your family experience sudden and unexplained symptoms, there could be a gas leak in your home.

Here are the symptoms you should look for:




eye and throat irritation


breathing problems

pale skin or blisters, which only occur if skin comes in contact with compressed or liquid gas

You may see the same symptoms in your pets if there is a gas leak. Extreme or high levels of exposure may also cause unconsciousness or death.



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