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A internet user needs your opinion on this

I am 34 yrs younger and would love to start a family.

However, my big brothers and cousins have all been throwing in advice even when I dont ask. I guess they just watching out for me. They all subtly told me to marry a younger lady as wife. And they tell me the benefits i.e

1. Children: biologically women are at their best before 30. After then it's a decline in the quality of her eggs which might affect her ability to have healthy children.

2. Women age faster than men regardless of how much make up they try to use to cover this. In 15 yrs, if I marry a lady my age, she could look way older than I am and no more s*xually appealing.

3. Women about your age kinda find it hard to give you the respect you need as they tend not to take you seriously.

And a few other reasons.

One even said dont marry a lady who is fat or have a tendency to be as you will not like what u see after she has a child.

I regard and respect these brothers. The closest one to me has had 2 failed marriages and he is happy to share some deep knowledge with me.

Please let me know your thoughts.  My decision could as well make a lady somewhere sober.

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  • Yes but if you love her no problem

  • It's nice and lovely to marry a younger wife, you will enjoy your marriage but don't make her lose her trust on u ,it can make her hate u and turn that lovely marriage to an irritated and sad marriage.

  • I think age is just a number. In marriage, what really matter is the mental maturity and understanding. So if both of you understand each other and are matured mentally, I think you should get married.

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