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A low s*xual appetite can mean many things: work stress, exhaustion, too much masturbation, etc. Something as simple as a miscommunication can kill the mood. This doesn’t mean you don’t turn him on, or that he’s losing interest. It just means he is human.

That being said, it is naive to think that all men are the same. While some men may be going through normal issues, others might actually be hiding something. It all depends on the man, and the situation.

Although there are countless reasons for a man’s decision to turn down s*x, the following are some of the most common causes.

#1 He’s worried about a major problem that is driving him insane. For instance, if a man has financial trouble, he might be too busy overthinking it, becoming easily distracted and worried. It has nothing to do with you–it’s simply something he doesn’t want to think about during s*x.

#2 You showed no interest whatsoever. Men are generally simple creatures when it comes to s*x. If you don’t show you’re at least moderately interested, they’re less likely to take a chance. Sure, it won’t really stop them from trying, but overall, it paves the way for more discomfort than pleasure. If you’re coming off distant, uninterested, and like you’d rather be watching E!News, he might take that a little personally and become uninterested in a s*xual relationship.

#3 He’s been tending to himself a little too much. When men masturbate, they tend to last longer in bed. If you’re sending him nudes regularly, rest assured: he’s getting off to them. However, if he overdoes it, he could end up getting used to the feeling of his hand, making it harder to get off with you *hello, death grip syndrome*. It’s healthy to masturbate, but becomes less so when you start to prefer it over your actual partner. 

#4 Work stress is making him feel like less of a man. Remember all the times you heard about men and work in psychology class? Men doing well in work have higher self-esteem than those who aren’t doing so great. This drive to succeed has been ingrained in them since the dawn of time.

A man who can provide feels like he’s got things under control, like he’s going places, like he’s, ultimately, worthy. When he takes you to bed, he wants to feel like he’s earned it! Sadly, if his work performance is lousy, he’s going to feel like a loser, like you might be doing it just to make him feel better, and his bedroom performance may follow suit. Pity s*x isn’t a turn on; it just rubs salt in the wound.

#5 Maybe he really is cheating. Again, there is an emphasis here: not all men are the same. This reason does not apply to every man out there. But if he really is cheating, then he probably doesn’t want to have s*x with you because he feels guilty, he already did it with the other girl(s), or he’s losing interest in you *hence his cheating*.

Obviously, men who do this aren’t handling the situation as they should. Rather than communicating your issues, so you can both fix them, he chose to “alleviate” the issues in an unhealthy, conniving way. If this is the case, it is up to you to either forgive him and work on your relationship, or move on.

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