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If you are looking for commitment and a long-term partner, you definitely want to find out sooner than later whether you are “the one” when it comes to him seeing a future with you. To get over that anxiety, look for some of these signs.

No mind games

He won’t play mind games but will rather drop hints of “what if?” What if you got a chance to move to another city? Or if you decided to tie the knot – would you take any risk for it? These are all questions he is asking to see where you stand when it comes to taking the plunge. 

Team aspect of the relationship

When he is talking, focus on language which highlights the team component, where the shift from I to Our and We occurs. No longer are you the lone wolf making decisions for one – you have a life together, and you wouldn’t make important decisions without your partner. 

Invite to meet family

One of the strongest hints of a guy wanting to settle down with you is him giving you a sneak peak of his family and introducing you to even extended family – his not so favorite uncle and annoying aunt. This is a sign with more certainty than others that he is serious about you. He wants you to meet his folks, siblings, and even cousins and uncles so that the future is properly secured.

Things that matter to you matter to him

Remembering the little things makes all the difference. This means that the man you are dating pays attention to you and everything you have to say. He will never forget your birthday, anniversary, or any other date that is special to you. Your man will notice the slightest change in the way you dress, how you wear your hair, your moodiness, or if you’re avoiding him. To him, you are the most important person and therefore everything that matters to you matters to him – good and bad.

He is your protective shield

Jealousy kicks in when you talk to another guy. He is protective of you, but not possessive, and wants you to make sure you don’t harm yourself in anyway. It doesn’t mean he is controlling over you. It just means that he has your back no matter what. He will defend you against everything and everyone without thinking twice, and wouldn’t even consider hurting you.

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