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The sea came bringing the wet along,and by it we stood,too busy to listen to it whispers, we fought with our uncommon demons,waiting for who to take the first step. "Ladies first,be a gentleman and let the lady be the first"; mum's voice came riding on the wave, I just have to be a man, I need to let her know I'm a man. I took the first step off the bridge and down I went, I went down into the waiting embrace of the rock. I was shattered, I saw pieces of me everywhere,in the wind,on the red rock,some riding away on a wave,and something else;she. She went away with last piece of me,made of me for me. She took my trust,my smile and smeared it on Her face, she walked away being a lady. "Ladies first" they said. The night came with the sun at its tail,gathered my remains in it pots of bones. I'm just another fool trying to be a man.

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