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Over the years, a man has become a nightmare to his fellow humans, over the lands that do not belong to him. This man by the name Paul Odilli, the chairman of an estate called River Park, situated at Luge Airport Road, Abuja Nigeria, had vowed to intimidate residents of Committee on Roadside Development ( CRD ) 1 Lugbe, Abuja. This case about River Park estate and CRD residents have been in court, and isstill in court presently as no verdict has been passed yet, but the Man Paul Odilli would use the Nigerian Police Force to harass residents despite the case still I'm court. On one occasion a residents fence was being pulled down with a baby of  six (6) month inside. The Child's mother had gone to the market to buy things, leaving her six months old baby and a nanny at home, on getting back she saw her fence being pulled down by thugs sent by River Park estate. All her thoughts was on her baby and when she rushed into her house, she saw her baby sitted in the sitting room and all that came to her mind was to save her baby and the nanny first before raising an alarm. The alarm she raised, prompted residents to all come out from their houses and the thugs took to their heels. This incident has since been traumatic for the woman and her nanny because they are always at alert and don't know when harm might come to them.

River Park estate on many occasions with video and picture evidence, have used the Nigerian Police Force to intimidate residents and just two weeks ago, a resident bought a trip of sand to be offloaded in his house, but the Nigerian Police Force attached to River Park estate got a wind of it and drove from the estate to CRD and tried to arrest the man. He was being pulled and dragged in the presence of his pregnant wife, but the man has said the officer should state out his crime before he will be arrested but the officer couldn't say anything, the only thing he said was that the "Order was from above". On another occasion a resident bought floor tiles for his house and the Nigerian Police Force attached to River Park estate came and seized all the tiles and arrested the tiler who was working for the resident. Mr Paul Odilli is also the same man who lost in a court battle with Mpappe Maitama, while trying to grab their land and on two occasions his documents has been nullified and void by two seperate Abuja High court judges. This man moves like he is above everyone and that is not the business of CRD residents, but when he tries to take what belongs to them, then it becomes their business. This has to be known by well meaning Nigerians as the residents of CRD now live their lives in fear of River Park estate not knowing when the thugs or the Nigerian Police for might want to harass them and if it continues this way, the residents of CRD can only depend on well meaning Nigerians to come to their aid.


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