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Denmark has a "pervasive rape culture" caused by its failure to address victims' grievances, antiquated laws and its reluctance to prosecute rapists, Amnesty International said in a report released Tuesday.

The human rights group's report said "flawed legislation" and "an insidious culture of victim blaming" had resulted in "endemic impunity for rapists in the country".

It added that while gender equality has been achieved in many areas of Danish society, authorities must do more to address s*xual violence -- pointing to the 2017 Gender Equality Index by the European Institute for Gender Equality, which said Denmark is home to the highest prevalence of violence against women, including s*xual violence, of any European Union member state.

"There is this understanding in Denmark that it has already achieved gender equality," Helle Jacobsen, one of the report's authors, told CNN. "But when it comes to s*xual violence, it is almost impossible to get a conviction for rape, there is a very low number of [women reporting rape], so it means access to justice in Denmark if you are a rape a survivor is almost non existent."

According to Danish government figures, around 5,100 Danish women are subjected to rape or attempted rape annually. However, a separate study by the University of Southern Denmark found that 24,000 were subject to raped or attempted rape in 2017.

But in that same year, according to official statistics, "only 890 rapes were reported to the police, and of these, 535 resulted in prosecutions and only 94 in convictions," Amnesty wrote in the report.

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