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Life is not a riddle to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived



Life is not a riddle to be solved, it is a mystery to be lived......


Once it happened, a great prime minister of a very great emperor died. The prime minister was rare, very intelligent, almost wise, very cunning, shrewd, a great diplomat, and it was very difficult to find a substitute. The whole kingdom was searched. All the ministers were sent to find at least three people; then the final decision will be taken and one of them will be chosen.


For months the search was on. The whole kingdom was searched; every nook and corner was searched. Then three persons were found. One was a great scientist, a great mathematician. He could solve any mathematical problem, and mathematics is really the only positive science — all sciences are its branches — so he was at the root.


Another was a great philosopher, he was a great system-maker: out of nothing he could create all. Just out of words, he could create such beautiful systems — it is a miracle, only philosophers can do it. They have nothing in their hands; they are the greatest magicians. They create God, they create the theory of creation, they create everything — and nothing is there in their hands. But they are clever artisans of words: they join words together in such a way that they give you a feeling of substance — and nothing is there.


And the third one was a religious man, a man of

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