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While most Catholics hold tenaciously to the phrase "Mary Mother of God", a lot of Christians have come to argue against that statement and has seen it as largely fallacious that a human could be attributed to be the mother of God thus "exalting" a human above God.

In the 5th century a controversy arose when Nestorius the Bishop of Constantinople argued that Mary could have only been the mother of Christ (the human Jesus) and by so doing isolated the personalities of Jesus, separating his divine nature from his human nature. Eventually in the wake of the controversies that arose, the Council of Ephesus who wouldn't reconcile the splitting of Jesus into two distinct persons officially recognized that Jesus is one person, with two natures; human and divine united in a true union. Hence the Council affirmed that the Blessed Virgin Mary can rightfully be called the Mother of God.

From the biological standpoint, a fetus is formed by the union of the sperm and the ova. But with in vitro fertilization, a fetus can be planted in the uterus after it has been fertilized and such mothers are known as surrogate mothers, though they didn't contribute to the essence of life, they carried and nurtured it to term and that doesn't make them less of a mother.

With the knowledge of surrogacy, we can preserve the human and divine nature of Jesus in one person and agree that the Virgin Mother is a surrogate mother.

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