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Today marked Mother Day Celebration in. our nation and world at large.

Being a special day for our mother, the Christian church honuors their women by according them a special time in their various church particularly, Catholic Church and Anglican Church worldwide.

We are born by mother, so it is important that we all join our mother to thankGod Almighty for the gift of life and happiness to our mothers.

Have you wished your mother happy mothers day today? If you haven't, then, do so. Mother are sweat, loving, caring, and givers. They sacrifice a lot to keep their home happy and going even in the mist of scarcity.

Nothing can replace your mother, my mother when they are no more. Some family scattera  as soon as their mother is no more. May God help such family.

The world over does not toy with women and mother. Without a woman, there is no motherhood. All women your are all special.

Let us reflect on the position of mother in the history of creation and salvation of mankind.

Eve was a woman and the morher of all humanity. During creation, God made made in the book of Genesis chapter 1:28. In. Chapter two, God said, it is not good for the man to be alone. Therefore, I will make him a help mate. At this commission, God made the man to fall into a deep a sleep and God  took a pair of rib from the man and made the woman, which God brought  to him and as soon as he saw her, he exclaimed, at last, this is the bone of my born and flesh from my flesh,  she shall be called woman.

Women add beauty to life but the beginning of life trouble started when the woman allowed the serpent being the devil to decieve her to eat the forbidden fruit in the garden of Edem.

Since, the fall of man through the action of the woman, man continue to suffer until God decide to send his only begotten son, Jesus Christ .through another woman in other to redeem us.

Salvation, came through the obedience of Virgin Mary, mother ofJesus to the call of God to be the mother of our saviour.

This singilars act of submission to the will of God gain salvation for mankind. Her obedience cancelled  an act of disobedience of the Eve.

Therefore, we are reconciled with God. 

The intercessory power of Mother Mary at the wedding feast in Galilee caused Jesus to perform his first miracle, even though his time has not yet come to do such.

Jesus our saviour handed His mother to the apostle whom he loved as sign of love for his mother before he died and thereby given  her a special position in the house of God, the Church, 

Therefore, you can agree with me that the importance of Mother cannot be over emphasised.

Therefore, celebrate our mothers today and God will bless you with his heavenly  blessing in Jesus name.

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