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Marriages of today are broken because of some silly reasons. One of such reasons is that their spouse always checked their phones.

People advice people that if they want to be happy in their marriage then they should quit checking their spouses’ phones. Sometimes this comes across like it is a nod to cheat and have secrets between each other.

For a couple that share everything, why is phone such a big problem. It is imperative to ask the question above, “How Can I Have Access To My Husband’s pen!s And Not His Phone?”

According to Sheikh Abdullah Al-Motlaq, who is a senior member of the Council of Senior Scholars and adviser to the Royal Court, wives should not check their husband’s mobile phones.

He insists, husbands should also do the same to tackle increase rate of divorce. He stated that neither the wives nor the husbands are allowed to go through each other’s private stuff in the mobile phones.


“Spying is haraam (forbidden) and can cause problems, and is a major curse that leads to misfortune.”

He adds, “The fatwa was linked with Islam forbidding spying on one another. Therefore, couples should refrain from doing the same in terms of the modern the day technology.”

The reason people spy on their husband’s phone is not farfetched. Some people fear that a significant other is cheating on them and comb through their partner’s email, chats, social media platforms, looking for something that they can use as evidence of infidelity.

This behavior can ramp up in the aftermath of an indiscretion, whether an outright affair or a discovered flirtation. Sadly many people think that even if they forgive their partner for cheating, they reserve the right to look through their partner’s phone forever after. This checking behavior can persist for weeks, months, even years after the partner’s unfaithfulness, and has nothing to do with anything that the partner is currently doing.


Typically, many people do not take too kindly to having their partner snoop through their phone, reading all of their texts and emails and trying to find proof of their misbehavior. It is already a story of distrust and many people are offended by that behaviour.

In fact, some relationships end when a person finds out that a partner was looking through their phone, precisely because they feel so violated.

Many people disagree. They believe no innocent and sane partner should be worried to have their partner go through their phone.

 Others insists if it must be done, it must be assessed by the couple.


Share your thoughts.

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