By kelxta • 6th Feb 2019 • 28 views • 3 comments

Last Saturday, my brother brought his girlfriend home to meet our family. He has always told us how good she is and how he wants to wife her.

   He eventually brought her home to introduce her to us. To my greatest surprise, the girl he brought to us is the same girl that works in a brothel and my best friend who is also our family friend patronizes her.  Infact, he is one of her regular customers.  Most times i accompany him to the brothel.

   Immediately she saw me, she recognised me but we both pretended we haven't met before. But i am worried how my brother will end up with a lady whose profession is shameful. A woman of easy virtue.

The next day, she left with my brother.

My brother called me on phone to ask me if i like her.  I replied "Yes"  But i am not certain.

Is it right to tell my brother all i know about her?

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