By Bodnel • 13th Mar 2019 • 26 views • 0 comments

There is this girl in my area that I'm in love with, i wooed her but she refuse to accept me as her boyfriend but she does come to my house, we play, watch movies together etc. All my friends knows her to a point they are all her friends. 
I pretty much close to her family likewise she does with mine family. 

Lately I beginning to suspect that she likes one of my friend, each time she comes around she always likes to sit with him, talk more with him, what pain me most is that my friend knows, so, he always make use of the advantage and this has making me feel uncomfortable and pissed but I always act mature at all time.

To cut the story short, yesterday she came around and we were all watching a movie and my friend was lying on a mate and the next minute she lie down with him on the mate. I was so upset but I was calm.

I'm afraid I might lose my temper one day, Guys I need your help what should I do in this situation

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