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I Want The Best For Her But She Seems Not To Understand, Pls Advice Needed

Dear All, good evening.

When I first met my woman, I met her decently dressed, since she is from a Christian background, likewise my very self.

But as time goes on I discovered she puts on dresses that are either too tight or too short. I have corrected her in love several times and even reported to her parents, she adjusted for a while and continued again.

She even promised to stop such dresses because of our baby girl.

This time around she put on a very short gown that makes her look like a prostitute on her WhatsApp profile.

On seeing it, I replied that I am ashamed and disappointed in her and as a result I refuse giving her the money she demanded.

She knows why I was angry and why i made such comment and instead of her to apologize she told her mother that I said I was ashamed and disappointed in her, her mother called me to ask me why I said such, I explained to her that its because I have been correcting her on her dressing but this one was too bad, she said OK and that's all.

Its over 5 days now I have not heard any thing from her and her mum. So I just kept silent too because the last that happened I was the one that called for a meeting with her parents to sort it out.

This time around I may not do such again.

However, if there is a better way you can advise me on this I will appreciate. Since her dad may not be in the know.

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