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- A Twitter user has taken to social media to recount how she was almost robbed by three men in Lagos

- Narrating her ordeal, she revealed that the suspected robbers tried following her while she was out to run some errands

- She however, realized what they were on to and managed to escape the impending danger

The level of insecurity in Nigeria seems to be growing at an alarming rate. While the law enforcement agencies continue to fight these crimes, it appears these criminals devise new means to get their victims and according to this Twitter user, targeting women driving alone seems to be the in thing.

Identified by her username, @GirlLikeHer, she recently took to the platform to recount how she was almost robbed by some men in Lagos. According to the series of posts she put up, they started following her when she stepped out to run some errands but she was lucky enough to escape once she realized what was happening.

She wrote: "So I decided to grocery shop after work and I was almost robbed on Admiralty road ... Apparently thieves scout around Access Bank, Sailor’ Lounge, Adiba and Daytona supermarkets... Looking for ladies driving alone

I needed to buy refills for my water dispenser... Ebeano and Adiba had no Cway. So I crossed the road on foot from Adiba to Daytona with my empty bottles to find out if they had any... I suspect I was spotted by the thieves in that moment. Luckily, Daytona had Cway refills, so I left my empty bottles and decided to drive and park at Daytona so it wouldn’t be a hassle to load the new water bottles in my trunk...

Seconds after parking at Daytona, a Toyota Corolla parked behind me blocking me... I had no clue why a Corolla with 3 men would block me, when they were empty spaces everywhere...It made me so uncomfortable.

The feeling in my gut did not ease even after making eye contact with the occupants in the Corolla....They looked and felt wrong to me...Safely standing beside the armed MOPOL at Daytona, I kept looking at them...They must have felt I was on to them, so they parked beside me instead and pretended to be shoppers.I rushed into Daytona, quickly paid for my water and got an attendant to carry it into my car for my safety...Surprise! Surprise! they left the engine of their car running and it was empty while they entered Daytona to possibly monitor me... As I got into my car, I saw them rush into theirs and I knew they wanted to follow me... ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️

I was faster, as I made my way to reverse, I ensured that I was blocking their car...So they could not reverse as I did, the driver of the Corolla had to wait...I took my time and ensured I caused a little traffic behind me..My tyres screeched as I fled... of course, they could not reverse because other vehicles wouldn't let them...Before they could catch up with, I was gone like the harmattan.

Ladies when you are on Admiralty road at night please be alert. Someone close to me was robbed at Access Bank... My sister was trailed and almost robbed as she drove home from Forte Oil after getting fuel at night...These robbers are on the lookout for ladies driving alone, so they trail, block and rob them when they get the opportunity. It is their modus operandi...My addiction to CI and Investigation Discovery came in handy afterall ��


Meanwhile, a Nigerian lady has taken to Twitter to recount her encounter with suspected ritualists in Ibadan, Oyo state. Due to her experience, she disclosed that ladies are no longer safe either you are materialistic or not.

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