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AS the jostle for principal officers in National Assembly hots

up, a group; South-South Concerned APC Caucus has

alleged that a purported endorsement of a Senator was

done by people it described as factional chairmen of the

APC in some South-South states.

A statement by the chairman and secretary of the group; Dr

Henry Erue and Sir Lawrence Ogieva said the signatories to

the purported endorsement were being used by “hungry and

desperate” politicians.

The statement reads; “Since when has it been the duty of a

state factional chairman to nominate who will be the

Deputy Senate President since the return of democracy in

1999? The nomination of Deputy Senate President is the

responsibility and function of Senators and not factional

chairmen. In other words, they are overstepping their


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Lawmakers For Misconduct

“As at today, all the APC Senators re-elected and elected

are loyal to Mr President and the Party. And this is why a

person vying for that position must be matured,

responsible, and not overzealous so as to accommodate

the various interests in the Senate for the good and

seamless working relationship with the Executives.

“These Factional Chairmen should note that there are other

viable candidates from the South-South who are eminently

qualified for the office of the Deputy Senate President. Over

zealousness, and stomach infrastructure should not becloud

their sense of objectivity and judgment.

“Have they heard of the incidence of the Senate stolen

Mace? If not, find out from the Senate what happened.

“Their candidate cannot be mentioned among faithful APC

Senators rather he is merely a beneficiary of the APC


The Factional Chairmen should stop their busy body and

allow the Senators to exercise their constitutional role to

choose who becomes their Deputy Senate President from

the South-South Geo-political Zone”

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