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  1. Ambidextrous: A person that has the ability to use both hands equally. 

  2. Bureaucracy: A government run by officials. 

  3. Connoisseur: A sensitive critic and judge of art. 

  4. Dissenter: A person who has no faith in the teaching of the church. 

  5. Egoist: A person who is self centered.

  6. Fatalist: A person who believes in faith. 

  7. Genocide: The killing of a race. 

  8. Hedonist: One who lives for pleasure.

  9. Introspection: Self examination.

  10. Jumbo: A clumsy person or animal. 

  11. Kymograph: Am instrument for recording blood pressure. 

  12. Latent: Hidden power. 

  13. Misogynist: A person who hates women

  14. Oligarchy: Government by the few. 

  15. Pseudonym: A pen name used by an author. 

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