By Mallakachalla • 15th Mar 2019 • 52 views • 11 comments

Dear Mr Adebayo Adelabu,

Firstly let me console you for the loss of the gubernatorial election to your closest rival eng oluseyi makinde, may almighty Alhah give you the ability to bear the loss.

Secondly I will like to Congratulate you for a robust and a good campaign strategies that was roll out in oyo state during the election period.

You fought a good fight, you lost the battle not because you are a bad candidate but for two reason. 

Firstly your political leader which is the outgoing governor, Base on his approach and several unguarded statement which turn so many people against him.

Secondly and the main reason why you lost is because of the humanitarian activities your opponent has been doing since he came back to nigeria.

Eng Seyi makinde had impacted directly or indirectly in people life, that's his what build a lot of confident and love people have for him, I believe you will agree with me that it's not the PDP that defeat you, it's the integrity of that man called seyi makinde.

I remember in 2000, when eng seyi makinde just came to the country newly, he build computer classroom for bishop Phillip acedemy as an old study of that school, the classroom was commission by late Lam Adesina then, by that time, I don't think he had started inspire to become the governor of the state.

Now election as come and gone, I see you as a young vibrant man that oyo state will need in future. I can see you holding a big position very soon in oyo state, to achieve this, don't act lick seasonal politician that always comes out few month to the election.

Start impacting in people life from now onward, 2023 isn't far, I hope to see you in high position serving our dear country.

Start building your political structure with LOVE and humanitarian, impact in people life.

Make your self accessible to people if you want to be a force to reckon with in oyo state politics in future.

The only way to achieved your ambition his your ability to build closeness to the grassroot from now.

In case you were been given appointment in abuja, please dnt become abuja Base politician, connect with your people at grassroot.

I wish you best of luck for your future ambition.

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