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I have been a grown woman
Since the day I was born
Life exposed me to things my six years old mind struggled to peer through
It gave me an eternal scar

That unfortunate day left a stigma in my life
Painful memories sprout daily
Love doesn't exist in my world
Layers of chain built on my heart
Will I ever break free?

Biology wouldn't let me be
Hitting me so hard and unaware
Hormones were not yet excited
Yet I felt it compelling approach

I was still flat chested
With little flesh and bone
But I was his main target
To satisfy his constant fantasy

Mom always warned me about him
But his gifts and candies spoke louder than her words
When no one was around
He did the unthinkable

Pants and boxers down
Hands all over my mouth
He rode me like a horse
Labeled me a kid porn star

Even though am all grown up
I can still hear that broken little girl
Screaming and crying
Begging to be set free

Love if you can hear me
Please do find me
For fear I might fade away


By Glory Ikeji

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