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Here are interesting international phrases to know about. 

  1. Adios: Goodbye.Ex: Adios my friend, see you tomorrow. 

  2. Bonanza: Prosperity/good luck

  3. Cafe: Coffee house. Ex: We dined at the cafe yesterday. 

  4. Chauffeur: A car driver. Ex: We employed an experienced chauffeur 

  5. De facto: Real. Ex: I am the de facto head of this company. 

  6. Dei gratia: By the grace of God. Ex:We will make it dei Gratia. 

  7. Eldorado: A country full of precious stones. Ex: We are very happy in eldorado.

  8. En route: On the way. Ex: I'll visit my sister at Ibadan en route to Ife. 

  9. Genre: Style, kind or type. Ex: The novel is a genre of literature. 

  10. Id est: That is to say. Ex: She is like Jadesola, Id est a beautiful lady. 

  11. Lingua franca: Common language of all. Ex: English is the lingual franca of the modern world. 

  12. Malafide: Acting in bad faith. Ex: My friend acted malafide on several occasions. 

  13. Par excellence: Very rare and unique. Ex: Her beauty is par excellence.

  14. Sine die: For an indefinite period. Ex: The meeting was adjourned sine die. 

  15. Vice versa: In opposed ways. Ex: Change the sentence into indirect speech and vice versa. 

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