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Foundation for Partnership in the Niger Delta (PIND) has changed the narrative of fish business in the Niger Delta with the introduction of Chorkor oven and kiln, for the economic empowerment of the people.

At an event to mark the 2019 International Women’s Day (IWD) for women across Niger Delta states in Akure, Ondo State, the organisation made public its new innovations.

The PIND Capacity Building Program Manager, Mrs. Bose Eitokpah said: “PIND’s overarching strategy is built on the belief that no single organisation alone can solve complex and interconnected challenges in the Niger Delta region. We have therefore adopted the partnership approach based on the fact that it enables organisations to combine resources, capabilities and technical expertise with others for greater collective impact.”

Eitokpah, who is also PIND Gender Mainstreaming Coordinator, urged the women who shared their experiences from their various communities, to develop positive mindset and unwavering commitment to change irrespective of the challenges they encounter.

“To innovate for change means understanding inconveniences, learn from successes and failures, process and act on lessons that call for improvement and work to convert such strengths.”

She recounted that “we saw this happen in the case of the introduction of Chorkor oven, where centrally located models of the oven did not work for women in the riverine communities, who would rather own and operate individual fish processing ovens within the households.

“We learnt out lesson, understood the challenges and converted the knowledge into promoting individually owned Chorkor oven. Now, over 150 Chorkor ovens are in use in the riverine communities of the Niger Delta.

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