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A child woke up in the morning and refused to greet his mother. the mother asked him wont you greet me? the child ignored her and went to school. The mother tought he would greet her when he returned from school but hen he returned he still ignored her. He did thesame thing in the evening and when he finished eating his dinner, he said "mummy good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night ".

    The mother said to him " what is wrong with you?" he replied "i'm ok mum i always see you combinig your prayers(zuhur, asr, magrib and isha) before going to bed so iam doing thesame to you". The mother replied "you are not serious, is it good to disobey your mother?"

    the child asked "is it good to disobey Allah?"

moral lesso

answer the last two question from your comment

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