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Government says it anticipates a poor harvest or from the farming communities in Livingstone District, in Southern Province, following the poor rainfall pattern in the area.

Acting Livingstone District Commissioner Harriet Kawina says 25 percent of the maize crop has been adversely affected and will not recover even if the district received rainfall.

Ms Kawina further said only about 20 percent of the crop will survive this farming season, should the district receive some rains in the next 10 days.

“We anticipate hunger in the district as 25 five percent of the crop is affected and even if we had rains now, the crop will not get back to life. However, we have 20 percent that will recover if we were to have rains in the next 10 days,” she said.

Ms Kawina was speaking at a media briefing in Livingstone.

She also explained that sorghum has germinated well in the district but has been affected by late planting due to the negative effects of climate change.

“For those that planted sorghum, they planted late due to the effects of climate change. The crop germinated well but we still have this problem at hand, and we are likely to have starvation in the district,” she said.

Ms Kawina however said there was still hope for groundnuts to record a good harvest, in anticipation that the district will receive some rains, since the crop was at a critical stage of flowering and required adequate water.

Meanwhile, the Acting Livingstone District Commissioner says assessment was still being undertaken before a report was to be submitted to the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU), to request for food relief.

And Ms Kawina has advised farmers especially those entirely dependent on rain fed crops to engage in other income generating activities, if they were to mitigate the impact of food shortages.

“They should find other means of sustaining their families, like rearing chickens… It is better to start working on that than just waiting for the Disaster Management and Mitigating Unit (DMMU) to come and assist,” she said.

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