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Well, it is not a new year until Daddy Freeze fires at Nigerian religious leaders for 'ill-practices'. Social media users are getting used to the fact that Freeze is a thorn in the flesh of many pastors in Nigeria.

The leader of Free The Sheeple movement and controversial media personality has come for the head of general overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye and this time, it is about 40-day fasting and praying mandated for all his church members.

In a clip shared on his Instagram page, the self-proclaimed leader of the Free Nation in Christ questioned why Pastor Adeboye asked his church members to fast for 40 days when in the bible, Jesus only did so at the point he was to be tempted by the devil.

He claimed that such practice is against the teachings of the scriptures which states that Jesus has overcome temptation on our behalf and suffering again is time wasting and energy zapping.

"Adeboye must also explain this his 40day fast that coincides with first fruit. Christ fasted for 40days because he wanted the devil to tempt him so he could overcome temptation on our behalf. READ THE SCRIPTURES!" he said

Just recently, Daddy Freeze challenged Daddy G.O to a debate. He stated that If he doesn’t want a debate, they can sit over a beer and discuss the scriptures and he will teach him the real truth about Christ for free.

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